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handy tools


LED bitmap builder

Gosh, is it ever annoying constructing column-based data statements for things like LED bitmaps and alphanumeric character representations!

Our handy utility lets you "draw" your letters, numbers, pictures, whatever, and export the results to data statements suitable for microcontrollers such as the SX, Basic Stamp, PIC, AVR, etc.

The utility lets you choose orientation of rows, columns, width of data statements, and more.

PLUS you can copy your data statements back in to the utility and it will recreate your "drawing" for more editing. What could be niftier?

click here for column-based LED bitmap builder »

click here for row-based LED bitmap builder »

resistor ladder calculator

Do you have a resistor ladder and want to know what the sum parallel resistance will be when various "rungs" of the ladder are turned on and off? Use our handy calculator by following the link below.

click here for resistor ladder calculator »


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