Right-Reading Bitmap/Data Converter - SX/B, Pbasic - v.1.12
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15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
# Rows:
Grid lines every rows and/or on column
Right column:
MSB set = $FF/$FFFF:
SXers/Stampers: This utility lets you draw "right-reading" drawings as Byte or Word width rows (not Bytes as columns!). Set your preferences, draw your drawing, and click generate.

Many of my applications are designed so that $FF or $FFFF may be used as the data string terminator, so if "MSB terminates" is checked, the first MSB=1 that is encountered will generate an end-of-data $FF/$FFFF in that row position in the generated data (but your drawing will be preserved). You can also choose bit order (right-to-left or vice versa).
Converting Data Back to Picture Form
If you want to convert BACK to the "drawing form" from existing data statements, paste your data here, set your options and click [ CONVERT TO DRAWING ]. Note that the parser is pretty limited -- your data to be converted must be single line statements with DATA at the beginning, binary only (except for terminating $FF lines).
Right Column:
MSB set = $FF/$FFFF:
Data to convert
(SX/B or Pbasic):