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my clients are great -- like you!

My clients are ethical, passionate about their work, anxious to reach a broad audience with a small budget, value craftsmanship, and have a mission or a goal as well as a sense of humor. These people all needed something they couldn't get off the shelf.

Perhaps you do, too?

Do you need well-designed identity materials, reproduced on objects, in print, or online?

Do you need custom interactivity for your website?

Do you need a creative educational product?

Do you need custom interactive artwork or a large-scale design, but have a modest budget?

Do you need to offer online services?

Do you have custom communication needs?

Do you want to give a really interesting gift?

Do you need to take care of your website yourself, but don't want to delve into website development or coding?

Do you want a really cool robot that curses a blue streak in German? (Sorry, you can't have it!)

Do you need one person who can integrate planning, interactivity, content, and design into one affordable package to suit your individual personal or business needs?

Congratulations! You've found the right guy.

what can I do for you?

paper / traditional design

I've been designing ads, brochures, books, catalogs, mailers, hangers and more since the days of zip-tone, zip-line, hot wax and X-acto blades (but was also at one of the first newspapers in the country to convert wholly to digital design).


Custom online applications developed using php, SQL, Java, etc.; physical interaction enabled using microcontrollers, custom electronics and constructed objects.


Liquor bottles or t-shirts, poems on billboards or CDs, software or mugs; whatever the shape or the product, I'll craft a design to fit it.

identity & branding

Good business practices dictate having a brand or identity, disseminated through your business materials and promotional items. I work with you to express your particular identity through a custom logo, and then can produce whatever materials you may need from business cards to websites to mailers to promotional sunscreen.

custom electronics, kinetic art and robotics

Need to make it move, interact, bloop, bleep and whistle? I can fix your Roombas, or design and build a robot friend for you, but the applications for microcontrollers and custom electronics go far beyond that. If you fund it, we can build it!


I can speak several languages from HTML, PHP, JavaScript and mySQL to the dialects of the various microcontrollers. When inspired, I can create code that will wash Rahm Emmanuel's mouth out in hex!

But in all seriousness, here's what matters: over the years, I have built and refined a terrific, user-friendly content management system that handles e-commerce, custom Google maps, and more, while offering a stable, secure foundation for adding custom applications. I don't charge anything for this system, only for the custom installation and custom design. You're welcome!


Always for love, never for money! Well, maybe sometimes.


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