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meet BIM


who or what is BIM?

I developed BIM out of frustration with other available content management systems. My clients needed a user-friendly CMS that made it easier to find and manage their content, particularly their media, and even change the structure of their website without having to know anything technical.

I wanted an engine that allowed the content to flow into the design, supported complex user management needs, and was robust enough to handle all kinds of extensions.

BIM supports multiple user services with multiple privilege levels. Visitor services include orders and order tracking, ticket tracking and payment authorization; "save" and "share" services; visitor profiles and more.

E-commerce is enhanced by Authorize.net API transactions, PayPal transactions, etc.

Dynamic media slideshows are built-in, as is automatic creation of all image sizes, thumbnails, previews. Combined with easy browser-based file uploads, off-loading images from digital cameras right to an organized website is easy.

Need more? Embedded video and audio. Annotated Google maps. Bibliographic services. And that's just the stuff that's built in! Generally, my clients need such a solution because they want to integrate some particularly custom service into what should be the "ready-to-go" features. Examples include secure file downloads for "paid clip art" services, custom "quoted" online support services, visitor uploads of KML files for GoogleMaps/GoogleEarth.

What does this cost? BIM is free, but I do charge for installation and configuration of this powerful content management system.

What can BIM do for you? Let's talk!


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