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programming & database creation


what is code and why do I need it?

It's what makes your clicks and touches, whistles and beeps, videos and uploads, text changes and stylistic flourishes GO.

I've coded thousands of projects -- extensive online systems spanning multiple domains, platforms and databases, tiny embedded applications running in standalone electronics, and everything in between.

Current website work all features an "invisible" back-end content management system that allows the client to edit their site pages, site outline, content motifs, custom maps, video and photographic galleries, etc. See BIM!

automatic for the people: images and pdfs

What are computers really good at? Mind-numbingly repetitive and highly-detailed formulaic tasks.

Like what? Creating version after versions of a photographic image (a big one version, a tiny version, a cropped version, a screened version, ad nauseum). Creating PDF file versions of data (i.e. a print-ready copy of a web page, e-receipt, or the like, presented as a final PDF file to the visitor).

Automatic image-generation and dynamic generation of PDF files is ready-to-go with coded, online applications from 1uffakind.


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