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craig goldsmith, sole propietor

Jack of all trades and "master of all I survey".

Designer, programmer, photographer, videographer, aural constructions, custom electronics. All for the low, low price of US$60/hour!

Locally owned and locally spending.

I also volunteer at KUNM-FM, Albuquerque. I also volunteer for the Albuquerque Mini MakerFaire. I also volunteer as a Head Coach for the New Mexico First Lego League -- my team is a sub-set of a Girl Scout Troop.

Download my resume for fun and entertainment! »

1uffakind services and capabilities

Why only design one kind of thing? Here at 1uffakind Laboratories, I'll design anything from circuitry to websites, from logos to radio promos.

Indeed, I am generally available at all hours!

Contact me at any time with questions, comments, to discuss your project. Anything, anytime!

follow this link for contact information »

digital fabrication & electronics

- design and production of lasercut objects, materials, etc.

- 3D object design and production via 3D printing and other digital fabrication techniques.

- custom electronics and fabrication

identity design and development

- logos, media packages, branding

- multimedia identity (e.g., print, video, audio, etc.)

- emphasis on cross-media readiness, e.g., a web graphic is ready to be a print graphic, etc.

Examples: logo and color scheme for letterhead, broadcast video spot and website

programming/ code

- dynamic image creation libraries (GDlib)

- dynamic PDF file creation


- mySQL implementation




- Perl

- JavaScript

- Flash (very advanced dbase and cgi work)

- C (for embedded controllers)

- Assembly (various controllers)

- I do NOT do programming work for NT servers

Examples: PHP template-based website that queries external text and databases for content, real time updates; fancy rollover effects and animation, etc.

Find out more about custom content- and order-management administrative web pages for websites that provide real visitor services:

who or what is BIM? »

print design

- one-color to six-color design, production and prepress prep

- single sheets to large publications

- brochures

- books

- advertising

- mailers

- labels

- anything else you can think of

- all jobs proofed electronically using PDF files

Examples: print ad, magazine, brochure

large format print design

- design and production

- displays

- posters

- billboards

- signage

- bus panels

Examples: signage for back of city bus ("bus tails"), billboard, trade show displays

packaging and object/3D design

- one-color to six-color (and more) design, production and prepress

- object design

- 3-D design

- SketchUp modeling

Examples: CD inserts, bottle labels, six-pack carriers, fixtures

web design & development

- design of all kinds of websites

- self-edited websites (edit text and pictures with a browser)

- online video, streaming audio, etc.

- QTVR immersive panoramas

- Flash design and programming (including self-edited database driven Flash sites)

- JavaScript programming

- PHP programming and mySQL dbase integration

- Perl programming

- implementation and programming of advanced CGI work for calendars, back-end content management, etc.

- e-commerce and secure (SSL) work; implementation of payment authorization schemes

- consultation on coordinating custom program jobs with programmers

- dynamic PDF file generation

- training and general consulting

Example: database driven website that client can edit with any online web-browser

scanning/ retouching/ compositing

- advanced digital compositing

- advanced digital photographic effects

- digital retouching and manipulation

- color correction from basic to high-end available on my scans or vendor scans

1uffakind can scan the following types of artwork:

- flat prints (color, gray, line, original art) up to 11x17 (larger prints may be accomodated through stitching of piece-scans)

- objects of any size (will be copy-photographed)

- other media will be sent out for copy-transparencies and/or drum scanning. Contact me with any questions.

Example: "Take these 3 pictures and make 'em look like they're all standing together, add some shadows, then put this picture of a mountain behind them, but make it look real! Then make the mountains purple so I can print it in a magazine... oh yeah, and can you make me look younger?"


- conceptual work for design, education, branding, etc.

multimedia design & development

- CD-ROM programming and production

- interactive kiosk design

- mechanical interactive design (e.g. robotics)

- DVD authoring to be added Oct/Nov 2002

- Examples: educational materials on CD for Mac/PC with companion PDFs

for printing; "captured" website for use as standalone, "offline" CD for

kiosk or for mailing


- digital video live action shoots

- digital video editing and production

- digital animation and compositing

- digitizing of video from most sources (see media list at bottom)

- video output for web, broadcast, tape, CD-ROM, etc.

Examples: edited video for use online and to be distrubted on tape; broadcast commercial spots


- digital recording and editing

- sound design (effects and atmospherics)

- digitizing of audio from most sources (see media list at bottom)

- digital audio output for web (streaming or download), broadcast, CD, etc.

Examples: radio spots, sound effects, soundtracks


- digital, hi-resolution, print-ready photography

- location shoots

- outdoor photography

- environmental photography (e.g. see http://publiclands.org/museum)

- studio photography and setups

- portraits and humans-in-action

- product shoots

accepted media

Note that 1uffakind accepts NO responsibility nor liability for materials nor media

1uffakind can take files and audio/video on the following media, for either Mac or PC:

USB/FireWire Drives



Zip Disk

Floppy Disk (Mac only, sorry)

8mm Digital Video Tape

8mm Analog Video Tape

Hi8 Analog Video Tape

VHS Analog Video Tape (but not Super VHS nor VHS-C)

Audio Cassette

Vinyl (records, 5"-12", 33/45/78)

1uffakind can provide files on the following media for Mac or PC:

Customer-supplied USB/FireWire Drive



Zip Disk (Mac/PC)

archiving policy

- All projects are archived to DVD, CD or hard disk when completed

- Copies of project files will be provided to client for a nominal cost, when applicable

- Client "owns" the work except when pieces of the work are copyright others

1uffakind makes NO assurance nor guarantee that jobs will be successfully archived, nor that they will be retrievable


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